The crocodile symbolizes the Makara Nav Nidhi that Tamas Guna, the quality of sluggishness, ambiguity, and slothfulness, rules. People with this Nav Nidhi tend to hoard weapons and ammunition. Since Tamas presides here, that person displays negative or wicked characteristics and meddles with authoritative positions or royalty. The demise of individuals with Makara Nidhi also takes place with weapons. Makara symbolizes Kama Deva, or Mara, the Hindu deity of love and craving. Hindu astrology stands for a sign equivalent to the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

Individuals born with the Makara Nav Nidhi can become great leaders and philanthropists influenced by the desire to do good. They must learn to balance their lust for power with their willingness to help others.

makara nav nidhi

Makara Nav Nidhi and Chakras

Makara Nav Nidhi is also associated with the chakra system. The sixth chakra, Ajna or third eye, is associated with Makara Nav Nidhi. This chakra is connected to intuition and higher wisdom. It helps individuals to connect to their true selves and have a greater perspective of life. Through the Ajna Chakra, one can access the spiritual power of their inner being and tap into their higher consciousness. It helps people develop a deeper understanding of themselves and ho0 they can use their control for good.

The chakra system benefits not only the physical health of an individual but also their mental and spiritual well-being. As these chakras are activated and aligned, it helps people to lead a more positive and meaningful life. Through these chakras and the nights, one can use the power of their mind, body, and soul to live a better life.

Philosophy Behind Makara Nav Nidhi

The philosophy behind Makara Nav Nidhi is that of spiritual power and balance. This system is based on the idea that when a person is in balance, they can use their power for good. It teaches individuals to take responsibility for their actions and positively uses their influence. It also encourages people to consider the needs of others and use their power to help them. This system helps people understand how they can use their inner strength and wisdom to lead a more meaningful life. Ultimately, this system promotes harmony with oneself and others, as well as with the universe at large.

There are a few steps to Makara Nav Nidhi, but they are simple. The first one is called Satsvarup, which means self-realization. This step is all about uncovering and accepting your inner power. Next, you will need to imagine the world around you as a pool of energy. After that, you must visualize a funnel of light coming down from the sky and entering your body. Finally, you must feel the energy moving through you and radiating out from your body.

Makara Nav Nidhi and Yoga

Makara Nav Nidhi is closely related to yoga. The practice of yoga involves connecting the body and mind to create balance, which is what Makara Nav Nidhi also strives to do. Yoga can help individuals connect more deeply with their inner power and increase awareness of their environment and how they interact with it. Yoga also encourages individuals to take responsibility for their actions and positively use their influence. In addition, yoga helps people understand the importance of being in harmony with themselves, others, and the universe. By combining Makara Nav Nidhi and yoga, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of how they can use their inner strength and wisdom to lead a more meaningful life.

It may seem strange to combine something as active as yoga with something as passive as Makara Nav Nidhi. Still, both practices have incredible benefits that can be gained by any practitioner who is ready to put in the time and effort. Makara Nav Nidhi may seem passive, but it requires a lot of focus and effort. Similarly, yoga seems like an active exercise but requires deep focus, careful movement, and a lot of flexibility.

Final Words

The combination of Makara Nav Nidhi and yoga can be a potent tool to help individuals connect more deeply with their inner power and lead a more meaningful life. By combining these two practices, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of using their inner strength and wisdom to make positive changes in their lives. With dedication, patience, and hard work, the benefits of this combination will become evident in no time.