Shankha Nav Nidhi

A conch shell symbolizes this Shankha Nav Nidhi. This individual is known for looking out for only himself. He amasses tremendous riches, but only uses them for his desires and requirements, not even for his family.

what is shankha nav nidhi

He might give a bit to charity, but that is not his primary concern. He has no concern for the poor or those who are less fortunate. He is only concerned with his desires and pleasures. He is a self-serving individual who is concerned only with himself. He is like the blowing of the conch shell that is heard throughout the land, calling all to come to a particular place. Those who hear the call of the conch shell – the self-serving – will come together for what they desire.

Philosophy Behind Shankha Nav Nidhi

The philosophy behind Shankh Nav Nidhi is that you should be self-sufficient and accumulate wealth for your needs and wants. It also stresses the importance of being satisfied with what you have. It is also believed that by accumulating wealth, you can ensure a secure future for yourself and the people around you.

The idea is to focus on building a solid foundation of security and prosperity instead of depending on others or indulging in useless activities. The concept of Shankh Nav Nidhi encourages people to be smart about their money, save it, invest it and use it wisely.

Nine principles of Shankha Nav Nidhi

1) Accumulate wealth,

2) Save and invest wisely

3) Be content,

4) Be self-reliant,

5) Be disciplined,

6) Be generous,

7) Be thankful,

8) Be fearless.

9) Use Money Wisely

Shankha Nav Nidhi and Chakras

The Shankha Nav Nidhi philosophy is closely linked to the concept of chakras. Chakras are energy centers in the body that correspond to different aspects of life. According to Shankha Nav Nidhi, each chakra is associated with a particular type of wealth.

For example, the root chakra is associated with physical wealth, the heart chakra is associated with emotional wealth, and the crown chakra is associated with spiritual wealth. By focusing on each of these aspects and accumulating wealth in each area, you can achieve balance and harmony in life.

Shankha Nav Nidhi also teaches that each chakra is connected to a planet in the solar system. For Example – The root chakra, is connected to the planet Earth, which is associated with physical wealth. By meditating on each chakra and its corresponding planet, one can open the door to wealth in that particular aspect of life.

Shankha Nav Nidhi and Yoga

The Shankha Nav Nidhi philosophy is closely linked to the practice of yoga. Yoga is a form of physical, mental, and spiritual practice that helps to bring balance and harmony into one’s life. Shankha Nav Nidhi teaches that each chakra is connected to a particular asana or pose in yoga.

By practicing these poses, one can open the door to wealth in that particular area of life. In addition, Shankha Nav Nidhi teaches that one should practice certain yogic breathing techniques to facilitate the flow of energy throughout the body. By doing so, one can tap into their inner power and manifest abundance in all areas of life.


Shankha Nav Nidhi encourages individuals to be mindful of their finances and use them wisely for their benefit as well as for others in need. It advocates for contentment and self-reliance while also stressing the importance of being generous and disciplined when it comes to money matters. Finally, it emphasizes the importance of achieving balance by accumulating all types of wealth – physical, emotional, and spiritual – which are connected to the seven chakras.