Introduction – Soham Meditation

Soham Meditation is a Process to Achieve inner tranquility and peace of mind with the help of the Soham Mantra. Soham Meditation involves the repetition of “SO” and “HUM” while inhaling and exhaling. Soham Mantra is defined in the ancient Hindu Philosophy of Advaita Vedanta and shows the identity of the soul and supreme in an individual. Here in this article, we will explore What is Soham Meditation, its benefits, and how to do it?

What is Soham Meditation

What is Soham Meditation

What is Soham Meditation?

The Meaning of Soham is “I AM HE,” I AM BRAHMAN,” “SO means HE” & “HAM means I.” This is known as one of the most powerful mantras in the Hindu tradition and being used in Soham meditation for a long.

Soham Mantra signifies the true identity of a person’s soul, called Jiva, and the supreme self, called Brahman, described in the Philosophy of Advaita Vedanta. This is believed that the Practice and repetition of the Soham Mantra help to cultivate the awareness of a person’s identity and promote spiritual growth.

Soham Mantra can also be found in Isavasya Upanishad (an ancient epic) called Sohamasmi. Soham Meditation is mostly considered a form of self-development, as repetition of the Soham Mantra encourages one to contemplate nature and the self and its connection with the Universe.

How to do Soham Meditation?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do Soham meditation.

  • Step 1- Find a comfortable seated position where your spine is straight and your head, chest, and pelvis are in line with each other. You can sit on a chair or cross-legged on the floor with a cushion or folded blanket under your hips to make it more comfortable.
  • Step 2- Close your eyes and visualize a circle of light around you. This circle separates you from daily life, including the outer world and your usual thoughts. Visualize yourself sitting inside this circle of light. This space will help you focus and protect you from distractions and mental exhaustion.
  • Step 3- Relax your entire body and focus on your breath. Take notice of how the breath moves in and out of your body, and feel the breath becoming smoother and more subtle. As you inhale, feel your breath expanding from your solar plexus into your limbs. As you exhale, feel the breath release back to the solar plexus. Be aware of the breath throughout your entire body. Release any unnecessary tension.
  • Step 4- Direct your attention to different parts of your body while keeping your body and breath relaxed. Begin by directing your attention to your eyebrow center and then move systematically through the body. Take a deep breath in and out at each point, starting from the throat center, right shoulder, right elbow, right wrist, each of the right fingertips (beginning with the thumb), right wrist, right elbow, right shoulder, throat center, left shoulder, left elbow, left wrist, each of the left fingertips (beginning with the thumb), left wrist, left elbow, left shoulder, throat center, heart center, navel center, the center of the pelvis, pelvic floor, center of the pelvis, navel center, heart center, throat center, and finally the eyebrow center again.
  • Step 5- Concentrate on the center of your eyebrows. Feel the gentle flow of your breath throughout your body while focusing on this center. As you breathe in, hear the sound “” so,” and as you breathe out, hear the sound ” ham.” The breath should be slow and subtle, so keep your focus sharp and sensitive. Gradually, let your mind become more and more concentrated on this one point. You can remain in this state for as much time as you desire.
  • Step 6- When you are ready to finish the Practice, slowly bring your attention back to the physical sensations of your body and the environment around you. Keep your focus on your breath as you release your body from the sitting position.

What are the benefits of Soham Meditation?

Increased self-awareness

Soham Meditation is helpful in increasing the awareness of thoughts and emotions. Increasing self-awareness can lead to a deeper understanding of the Inner self.

Connection with the divine

Soham Meditation is known as the connection between the self and the divine source of the Universe. This connection helps to bring the feeling of peace and spiritual fulfilment Inside.

A Greater sense of purpose

With regular Practice of Soham meditation, Practitioners can begin to gain a greater sense of purpose in life. This can help to align actions and decisions with true goals and desires in life.

Increased Intuition

Regular Practice of Soham Meditation helps to enhance intuition and spiritual insights. It can lead an individual to make improved choices and live a satisfying existence.

Greater sense of connectedness

The Practice of Soham Meditation regularly can help to be connected with other people, animals, and the environment. It can lead to increasing empathy and understanding with others.

Expanded consciousness

Soham Meditation helps to expand the consciousness to see beyond the ego. It can lead to a sense of connection with the Universe.

Improved concentration

Soham Meditation helps to increase focus and concentration, which can help in many aspects of life like Work, School, and in personal relationships.

Increased creativity

Regular Practice of Soham Meditation helps to enhance creativity and imagination, which can help in generating new concepts and resolutions to issues.

Greater sense of gratitude

Soham meditation helps to cultivate a greater sense of gratitude for the blessing in life. It can lead to a positive outlook and increase happiness in life.

Integration of Mind and Body

Soham Meditation helps to integrate the mind and body by focusing on the breath and the energy centres in the body. This Practice helps a practitioner to become more aware of his physical body sensations and deep mental states. It promotes a higher sense of connection and harmony between the mind and body. During the Practice of Soham Meditation, It requires pure concentration, and this concentration helps to improve mental clarity and focus.

Improvement of Blood Flow

Soham Meditation has a positive impact on blood circulation in the body. By Promoting mental relaxation and reducing stress, Soham Meditation helps to improve the flow of blood in the body. This can lead to a healthy cardiovascular system and overall health. By Practice Soham Meditation regularly, the circulation of blood flow improves very significantly.

Enhancement of Attention and Focus

By Regular Practice of focusing on the breathing and chanting of mantras in Soham Meditation, the mind becomes more disciplined and able to focus on a single point.

Lead to A Healthy Life

Soham Meditation is an excellent way to lead a happy and healthy life. By Doing the Practice Regularly, a practitioner can attain physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and depression, which are very common problems in this hectic world today.


Soham Meditation has been a powerful practice for a long and has numerous benefits for the mind and body. By Coordinating the mind and body, Soham Meditation helps to improve blood circulation, increase focus and concentration and enhance mental health. This Practice can lead to a healthy and more desirable life.


Q-1- What does the mantra “Soham” mean in Soham Meditation?

The Mantra Soham is derived from the Sanskrit Language, meaning I am That. It represents the union of the self with the universal divine power.

Q-2- How long should I practice Soham Meditation?

The Duration of Practicing Soham Meditation depends on Personal preference and schedule. Beginners can start with 10-15 daily and can slowly increase the practice duration up to 20-30 a day.

Q-3- Do I need any special equipment or clothes for Soham Meditation?

No, You do not need any kind of special equipment or clothes to practice Soham Meditation. You can start Practicing in any quiet place with comfortable wearing.

Q-4- Is Soham Meditation suitable for beginners?

Yes, Soham Meditation is suitable for beginners. It’s a simple and easy meditation technique that can be learned and practiced by anyone.

Q-5- Can Soham Meditation be practiced by people of all religions?

Yes, Soham Meditation can be practiced by people of all religions, as it is a non-religious meditation technique that focuses on developing inner awareness and connection with the universal consciousness.