The “power of lordliness” is a siddhi that gives someone absolute control over everything. Istiva Siddhi is one of the most powerful siddhis, allowing a person to transcend the laws of nature and hold sway over all other siddhis. For example, this siddhi allows someone to wilfully disconnect their soul from their body. Here We will Explore what is Istiva Siddhi ?

what is istiva siddhi

What is Istiva Siddhi?

Istiva is a word in Sanskrit that stands for “supremacy” and “superiority.” Its root syllable is isa, which translates to “Lord.” In relation to yoga, it is one of the eight primary siddhis that a yogi can obtain with sustained and serious meditation and other yoga strategies.

These siddhis are special abilities or extraordinary capabilities that are discussed in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The siddhi of istiva is the achievement of rulership or becoming the Lord, which covers supremacy over creation and the capability to demolish as desired.

Real Power of Istiva Siddhi

The power of Istiva is not limited to just physical abilities. It also bestows upon its possessor the ability to control and manipulate their mental, emotional and spiritual states.

This siddhi allows one to transcend the boundaries of ordinary human experience and reach a higher level of awareness and understanding. It is believed that with sufficient mastery over Isitva, one can gain access to divine knowledge and gain an understanding of the underlying unity in all things.

Istiva Siddhi and Yogic Practice

The Istiva Siddhi is an important part of the yogic path for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and liberation. It is believed that with the mastery of this siddhi, one can attain a higher level of consciousness and connect with the divine.

In order to gain this level of mastery, it is necessary to practice various yogic techniques such as pranayama (breathing exercises), mantra repetition, and meditation. Through consistent and dedicated practice, one can eventually become an Istiva master.

Istiva Siddhi and Chakras

The Istiva Siddhi is closely linked to the seven primary chakras, or energy canters, of the body. It is believed that when one attains mastery over Istiva, they can open and activate these chakras, allowing them to access higher levels of consciousness.

Each of the seven chakras has its own associated siddhi that must be mastered in order to gain full control over Istiva. These siddhis are known as the Seven Seals and are said to contain immense power and knowledge.


Istiva Siddhi is an ancient yogic practice that has been used for centuries to help seekers on their spiritual journey. It is based on the belief that by mastering various yogic techniques and opening up the seven primary chakras, one can reach a higher level of awareness and understanding. Through consistent practice, it is possible to gain mastery over this powerful siddhi and use it for one’s own spiritual growth and enlightenment.