In Some Conditions, there are Obstacles in the road of sadhana; then, some conditions are also Helpful Aids in Yoga Sadhana that allow the saadhak to keep moving ahead and succeed in his tapasya or quest.

When the saadhak or Practitioner has enthusiasm, courage, patience, knowledge of the truth, the strength of determination and keeps away from people, then he can skilfully gain merits, and he moves ahead on his path of sadhana and becomes a source of peace and comfort to one and all.

helpful aids in yoga sadhana

6 Helpful Aids in Yoga Sadhana


Enthusiasm is good merit that should be in every sadhak; an enthusiastic person is filled with self-faith and can finish the most difficult task with strength and faith. The opposite is also true, an enthusiastic person not only keeps himself worried, but he also keeps worrying everyone else, making them feel hopeless as well.

The Blessed Guru Swami Subodhanand ji Maharaj has always urged enthusiasm in everyone and helped them in their lives. It is an enthusiasm that gives strength and faith to the sadhak or Practitioner, allowing him enter his sadhana with energy and zeal.


Vir Bhogya Vasundhara

The One who is courageous, only he can rule over the earth. The One who is always ready to face any situation, it is only he who truly lives alive in this world. The One who keeps trying to save himself is always finishing himself. They say that one who has tied the cloth of death on his forehead is never scared of death.

There are some great beings who have killed death with death and showed the light to this world. The Practitioner of yoga is never a coward. Yoga makes the saadhak brave and fearless, with which he is able to gain victory over all downfalls, paving his way towards his goal. And so, courage is crucial and necessary for a Yoga Practitioner.


No one can succeed in one day. Hence the saadhak who is patient is the One who will attain success. It is said in Yoga Sutras.

Sa tu dhirg kalanairantaryasat karaissevittah Dhridh bhumi

We can only gain success in sadhana when we respect the sadhana and learn to practice for a long time with dedication, zeal and regularity. Hence, to gain success, the need for patience is of the most importance.

Truthful knowledge – Tatvagyaan

Whatever work we are doing, we need to have some knowledge about it, and also, we need to be aware of what we are doing. Doing any work in an unconscious state is a foolish thing which will bring no gain; on the contrary, it will only bring harm.

When we do the same work in a conscious state, that work turns out to be very successful. In this world, there is no bad work; why would God have made it if it was bad? Even Poison, if used properly, can give the gift of life, and if misused, can take away life. Hence knowledge is an important aspect that works to help a practitioner or seeker in life.


The ability to make decisions lies in the intelligent wisdom of the mind; that is why it s said Nishyatmika Buddhi means that when the Practitioner remains in doubt, his decision-making ability helps him. Hence the ability to take and make correct decisions is a very useful, helpful power for the yoga aspirant or disciple.

Dissociation with People

In the earlier post, it has also been discussed how being among the crowd is considered an obstacle to the growth of yoga. In the same way here, avoiding crowds is mentioned as a useful aid for the growth of yoga.

Final Words

These are Six Helpful Aids in Yoga Sadhana and discussed Six Obstacles in the previous post, which are very useful and essential for every yoga sadhak and Practitioner in his growth towards yoga.

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