what is shakti tantra


Shakti Tantra is like a special way of understanding how energies come together within us. It’s about combining the male and female energies we all have inside and seeing how they connect to everything in the world. This helps us learn about how everything was made and how it all fits together, kind of like solving a big puzzle.

In Shakti Tantra, they talk about the feminine part using a special saying that shows respect to the powerful Mother Goddess who exists in everything as Shakti. It’s a way of saying thank you to this special energy that’s present in everything around us. The Devi Rahasyam explains that Shakti is MahaKali, a powerful Goddess who creates three important things that shape the universe. These things are like different parts that make up everything we see and feel.

They believe Lord Shiva started Tantra. It’s based on ideas from the Upanishads, which talk about important beliefs in Hindu philosophy. MahaKali is seen as the main form of the Goddess. She’s pure energy and spirit. People worship her in ten different forms, each representing different aspects of her power and presence.

Understanding the Essence

Shakti Tantra is a special way of thinking and practicing meditation. It’s all about making the male and female energies inside us get along and work in harmony. When these energies come together, it helps us understand the whole world better. It is a solving a big puzzle that teaches us how everything around us was created and why it exists the way it does. It is a way to explore the deeper meaning of life and existence.

Unveiling the Supreme Reality

Shakti Tantra teaches us how the male and female energies inside us can be friends. When these energies get along, they help us feel a strong connection to something very special in the world. It is  finding a secret power that makes us feel like we’re part of something huge and amazing. This way of thinking helps us understand ourselves better and feel closer to everything around us.

Exploring the Feminine Principle

Within Shakti Tantra, the principle of the Feminine is elucidated through the powerful mantra:

“Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu, Shakti Rupena Samstita, Namastaseh, namastaseh, namastaseh, namo namaha”

This mantra reveres the Divine Mother Goddess, acknowledging her omnipresence in all matter as the embodiment of Shakti.

Acknowledging the Divine Presence

The mantra is like a special message that gives thanks to the Mother Goddess. It’s a way of showing respect to her because she’s everywhere, just like a powerful energy called Shakti. This energy is in everything around us, like the air we breathe, the trees, the animals, and even in people. It’s a bit like saying thank you to this special energy for being part of everything and reminding us that this powerful, girl-like energy is all over the universe.

Embracing Divine Femininity

The special words in the mantra show a lot of respect for the Feminine Divine. They ask for her to be with us everywhere in the world. Saying these words helps us feel closer to her and reminds us to welcome the girl-like parts of ourselves. It’s like making friends with this special energy inside us and feeling more connected to the big energy that’s all around the universe.

Final Words

Shakti Tantra is a way of understanding and respecting the special girl-like power in the world. It helps people see how the boy and girl energies inside us work together. When we understand this and make them work together, we stop seeing them as different and start seeing how they come together as one big energy. This helps us feel connected to everything and everyone, like we’re all part of something bigger together.